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Sentidos do Nascer

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that the rate of Cesarean sections (C-sections) have been increasing…

Marina Assis Fonseca

Dans les pays européens, ainsi que dans d'autres pays, « l'expérimentation animale dans la recherche biomédicale » fait l'objet de débats houleux.
D'une part, nous recherchons des médicaments et des traitements…

Marion Tremblain

Henrietta Lacks va néixer el 1920 als Estats Units. El 1951 li van diagnosticar càncer de cèrvix, i sense el seu consentiment, es van aïllar cèl·lules del tumor que li van biopsiar. Van ser les primeres cèl·lules a…


In European countries, under GDPR, individuals 'own' their personal data, which includes medical information i.e. patient data.

In Ireland, individuals 'own' their patient data, but not necessarily the…

Marie Boran

Genredigering er teknologi som bruker spesialiserte enzymkomplekser for å gjøre målrettede endringer i DNA. Oppdagelsen av CRISPR/Cas9 i 2012 førte til en voldsom forenkling og akselerasjon av prosessen. Siden da har…

Cathrine Børufsen Solberg

In European countries, as well as in other countries ‘Animal testing in biomedical research’ is a subject of heated debate.

On the one hand, we are looking for new, improved and safer drugs and treatment. On…

Glenn Embrechts

Genome editing refers to procedures that use special enzyme complexes toalter DNA. The discovery of CRISPR/Cas 9 in 2012 significantly simplified and accelerated the process. Since then, genome editing has become a…

Yeast Biotech Team UCC

Il trapianto è un intervento chirurgico che consiste nella sostituzione di un organo o tessuto malato, quindi non più funzionante, con uno sano dello stesso tipo, proveniente da un altro individuo, che viene chiamato…

Simona Giugliano, Guglielmo Maglio, Roberta Pelliccia, Roberta Rocco,

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