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PlayDecide is a card game for simple, respectful & fact‑based group discussion. All games are free and can be downloaded as a pdf containing instructions and material to be printed. Pick one and start planning your session.


As a just society, we should ensure everyone has enough affordable, nutritious food to lead a healthy life, while protecting people’s health, our climate, planet and communities. To do this in Europe, our governments…

Michael Creek

A lo largo de la historia, los seres humanos hemos aprendido a trabajar el campo y desde la antigüedad hemos usado sustancias para mejorar nuestras cosechas. Inicialmente descubrimos que los excrementos de los…


"The Headington Shark" (Eigenname "Untitled 1986") ist eine Dachskulptur in der 2 New High Street, Headington, Oxford, England, die einen großen Hai darstellt, der mit dem Kopf voran in das Dach eines Hauses…


Englobem diferents temes sobre la intel·ligència artificial.


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