How to play, translate a game or create a new one. Also check out the FAQs below.


Playing an existing game

Get familiar with the flow of the game and pick the game you want to play. Sign in or register in order to download the game pdf that contains both detailed instructions and material to be printed.

Once you have settled a date to play, use the "schedule a session" option from your user dashboard: this will give you access to an online step by step guide & timer that will help you facilitate the session.


Translating a game

You'll find a link to translate any game at the top of the game page, just below "languages". Coming soon: a manual dedicated to translating & creating games. 


Creating a new game

Click "Create own" when logged in, and follow things from there. Coming soon: a manual dedicated to translating & creating games. 


There is no centrally enforced editorial control on the platform: cooperation and trust are at the heart of the game.
Views expressed in individual games do not reflect those of Ecsite. However Ecsite reserves the right to unpublish or delete offensive contents as well as contents contradicting its values.
Don't hesitate to get in touch at

This platform was redeveloped and is being maintained by Ecsite, the European network of science centres and museums. All users are being asked to respect the following values: cooperation, diversity and inclusiveness, integrity and professionalism, creativity and innovation, active citizenship.
Find out more about these values on Ecsite's website.

PlayDecide relies on user-generated contents and uses a rather generous Creative commons license. In a nutshell, you are free to:

  • Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
  • Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially.
  • When creating games, please make sure the pictures and text you are using can be shared under these conditions: others will be using your work!

The game is suited for players aged 13+. You need to be able to read fluently and to argue and counter-argue in order to enjoy the game.

Before anything else: a facilitator (or a team) who takes the time to get familiar with the flow and contents of the game before playing and prints out the necessary materials.
Printed materials:
For best printing results, use 160g/m2 paper. You need:

  • One A3 white paper sheet per player for the placemats
  • 15-20 white A4 sheets in total for visual instructions, story cards, white cards, cluster mats and vote results sheets
  • 3-4 green A4 sheets in total for info cards
  • 3-4 blue A4 sheets in total for issue cards
  • 2 orange A4 sheets in total for challenge cards
  • 1 yellow A4 sheet in total for yellow cards

Yes you can. You will also be able to save results of several groups as part of your session.
PlayDecide is best played in groups of 4 to 8 people.

Why don't you translate it? Go to the page of the game you're interested in and click "Contribute by translating this game".

PlayDecide is available in almost 30 languages. If yours is not on the list yet, help us out! Find a someone willing to translate about 1,600 words and get in touch.

The English template acts as a reference: all other languages should be a faithful translation of it. See this example of a game in English. If you think that the template in your language could be improved, get in touch!

Translations should be faithful to the original game. Small adaptations to make the game understandable in a new national or local context are acceptable (for instance, adapting a card on legislation or adding an extra story card to reflect a locally specific issue).
If you are planning to adapt or modify a game more substantially while translating, please create a new game rather than a translation - otherwise you might confuse future players. You can use the "Introduction" field to indicate the game you took inspiration from and outline the adaptations you implemented.

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