This platform has just been relaunched. PlayDecide relies on a community of generous users - there are many ways you can help.



Be curious: explore all of this website's possibilities and please please report any bug, issue or sub-optimal process to Don't hesitate to send us questions for the FAQs.



We have updated the English template for the game just before relaunch - we're looking for translators to give all other existing languages a much-needed makeover. Get in touch at

Apart from this urgent work, translation existing games into new languages is a great contribution (you can do this directly from a specific game's page) - or even creating the first ever game in your own language if it does not feature on the list of available languages yet. We don't have Mandarin, Arabic or Hindi yet for instance.


Create a game on a new topical issue

Don't we need a game on migration? On the use of CRISPR technology, on post-truth, on carbon offsetting? On the future of the European Union, on the funding of fundamental research in times of financial crisis? Do your research, get a diverse group of stakeholders together and create a game. 


Fund a "nice to have" feature

Wouldn't it be nice if we had a mechanism to submit public requests and suggestions & a little pot of money to fund them? A video introduction? A colour printer friendly pdf option? An author page gathering all of a contributor's games? Get in touch at

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