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PlayDecide is a card game for simple, respectful and fact-based group discussion. All games are free. This is how they work.


Also available in the pdf file "PlayDecide basics"


Why are you playing?

Before using PlayDecide, like any other dialogue activity, have a clear statement of purpose: what do you want to achieve with your event?

Having a clear statement of purpose will help you and the players enjoy the activity.

How to play

Download your game as a pdf: it contains both detailed instructions and materials to be printed. You will need to print different sets of cards on coloured paper.

Click on the images above to understand the flow of the game. Ready? Pick a game.

Get support

Check out the PlayDecide page and PlayDecide group on Facebook, where a community of users is ready to help.




For best printing results, use 160g/m2 paper. You need:

  • One A3 white paper sheet per player for the placemats
  • 15-20 white A4 sheets in total for visual instructions, story cards, white cards, cluster mats and vote results sheets
  • 3-4 green A4 sheets in total for info cards
  • 3-4 blue A4 sheets in total for issue cards
  • 2 orange A4 sheets in total for challenge cards
  • 1 yellow A4 sheet in total for yellow cards

PlayDecide is best played in groups of 4 to 8 people.

Yes you can. You will also be able to save results of several groups as part of your session.

Why don't you translate it? Go to the page of the game you're interested in and click "Contribute by translating this kit".

PlayDecide is available in almost 30 languages. If yours is not on the list yet, help us out! Find a someone willing to translate about 1,600 words and get in touch.

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